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A Guide On How To Shop In The Pias UndergrowthSo, ye need some groceries and things from the shops. But ye live in the undergrowth of Pias, so it ain’t a case of just popping to some omni-mall. What are ye going to do? Ye can’t farm cos’ the ground here ain’t gonna get enough sun, and there’s nae way in hell ye can just experiment with all the fruits of the jungle, cos’ ye value your life too much. Whatcha gonna do?
Well, good ol’ Cygno here can help ye wi’ this trusty guide! Available in all the shady places over the Kairos galaxy.  This guide here’ll tell ye all about how to find the best markets in Pias and how tae not get scammed by some scoundrel.  
First off, terribly sorry for ye bein’ here.  I dunno if ye were forced tae run from the gangs or police in Canopy City or whatever other tragedy befell ye, but sorry. Pias ain’t a holiday site once yer under the leaves, I can tell ye that fer sure.  
By the time yer readin’ this, y’l
Afterlife Astronaut“There is no God.”
“Well, you don’t know that for sure-“
“Bernard, as an AI connected to every philo-science document, every parabyte of knowledge in the Human Empire, every logic string going back to the days of the Past Colonists... I can assure you, there is no God. It has been proven.”
Bernard sighed. His helmet visor fogged up then disappeared.
“I’m not going to bother arguing with you. Soon that golden gate is going to open, and I will walk into the Kingdom of Heaven. That should be enough proof.”
The gate in question was a smooth sphere of gold, slowly rotating on an equally dull pedestal. Crystal red spires pointed at specific points on the globe.
“You just don’t want to argue with me because you are in fear of how wrong you are. And how right a computer can be.”
Jude deserved to be muted, but sass like that always kept her voice a ubiquitous presence in Bernard’s helmet. A blue flash in the top


Peach JuiceA cloud god
spilled his sun-glass of
peach juice across the sky,
the orange frothed into
white strands
flooding into
heavenly Morse code.
The solar drink thinned
into a beard-grey
until the dome was
a glass-black sea,
the moon
an uneaten celestial crisp.
A Pile of Exiled LeavesLook:
under their father's roots,
oven-baked by progress
they stare at the stars,
ponder over their photosyn thesis'
and wonder where they'll land next.
Dry veins bringing
drought to the cuticle,
the rivers sprawling
like cobwebbed fingers
scratching cellulose into
eczema of the upper epidermis,
dirt-ink sketches bleeding softly
to the frayed edge of
mesophyllic parchment,
where Death took his scissors
and cut oblong hearts
from Life and into
the frigid air.
Dead gold,
curled up in amber wrinkles,
a million Queens of Spades
who played dead for too long.

The Plants: A FableThe plants were sick of the animals.
"They do nothing for us!" General Redwood exclaimed. "They eat us, cut us down, sit on our mangled corpses... we must do something!"
"But what?" Dandelion asked.
"Is it not obvious? We must stop our production of oxygen!"
All of the plants but Dandelion cheered. With the oxygen gone, the animals would have to either listen to the plant's demands or die!
"Are you sure...? Will this not kill us too?"
Alas, no one heard Dandelion's warning in the uproar and applause.
The next day, the plants went on strike and stopped all production of oxygen. Sure enough, panic ensued and the animals suffocated.
General Redwood held a great big party to celebrate, but no plant came over.
"Where are they all?" General Redwood asked.
"Do you not see?!" Dandelion snapped hotly. "They cannot make it because they are dead! They cannot perform respiration!"
General Redwood did not hear. He was dead, stiff and upright like a burnt bone.
"Oh you idiots!" Dandelion huffed. "Yo
Super computer finds infinityMy name is Delextro 9000. I am a super-computer with servers hooked to everything that exists.
And I have just discovered what the exact numerical position of infinity is.
The scientists are freaking out, to say the least.
“Infinity isn't a number!”
Well, clearly it is, because I've just found it. And I have all the knowledge. So, yeah.
“What if we just add one to that number, then? Surely that would show it is not the end of the number line, right?”
Yeah, try and add one to that then. After you.
Why yes, Dr Broxley, that is the flames of impossibility vaporizing you. You can’t go beyond the end of something. As a man of logic I thought you would understand that.
“What about negative infinity?”
Well, you see, it’s like that number I just showed you all, but with a little dash at the start.
Calm down there, Prof. Yuki, you don

Piano, piano (a break from the universe)keys of candlelight
on the ornament machine.
a code of fingers
pressed like kisses
in love's secret handshake:
stroke the black flattered pyramids
until smoothed into sound.
touch sensation into the china sea.
chords realise themselves and
to sing dusted angel heights.
toes bob the gold slipper
and down and
and down and
and down
into the drift
where the stars make themselves
from pink needles
on oceans of porcelain.
a break from the universe.
only soft time.

I am off for another week of holiday! Where? An undiscolsed location in Scotland. Why? To defeat Cthulu. 

What if you miss my presence? Well, palladium-smoothie is doing Flash Fiction Month! He is making his addition to the alt lit canon through his series "gertrude, corndog mayor and friends". So read the first three here;

inte supply of custard creams, stared intently at"gee gertrude," corndog mayor said, "why are we eating in a room submerged in brine??" gertrude was busy doing her important paperwork, signing a thousand-page legislation called Harvey versus volcanic volcano man: morality purposed throughout the binary opposition within pan-intelligentsia. "i don't know corndog mayor maybe i just hoped it would moisturise you or something" "moisturise?" "moisturise." "i don't need moisturising i've got, like, feelings and stuff" gertrude picked up their tub of butter. "corndog mayor, you need to moisturise because otherwise you will shrivel up into a french fry and nobody wants that in this day and age" she put on a happy mask, a la a greek theatre. "mmmmmm delicious skin oppression... makes me TANNED. you should try some." "yes but it also makes you FAT gertrude; i'm sorry but i had to say it, i'm just looking out for you." gertrude sniffed and cried out a tear made out of seapunk dolphins. tabby the grandfather clock cat, who was at the back  just just, yknow just, just JUST yknow, just, justyelpin the russian terrier walked into the kitchen. he shook his fur and rain went everywhere. "why did you do that yelpin," gertrude said while eating a bowl of baked beans. everyone was eating a bowl of baked beans around the kitchen table, and i mean EVERYONE. it was dinner time you see. "because it is raining outside is why" yelpin said. he then plonked a giant cucumber in the middle of the table, and Spartacus gasped. "my brother what did you do to him!" yelpin sighed at Spartacus' misinterpretation of his personal narrative of fifteen minutes ago. "look, Spartacus, just just, yknow just, just JUST yknow, just, just SIT DOWN, SON, alright? just SIT. DOWN. son." Spartacus fainted because holy flip who could have guessed yelpin was Spartacus' dad? anyway, tabby the grandfather clock cat immediately stole Spartacus' bowl of baked beans and slurped them down her pendulum throat because she was really hungry. yelpin sat at his own seat, which was empty because he had not been there des  corndog mayor are you there yes i'm here no wait ttoday gertrude was going to teach her friends forgiveness. her friends were not very good at forgiveness because they got into big fights over whether or not the cornsyrup went in BEFORE the ketchup or AFTER the ketchup, and all the spectrums in between. "good morning corndog mayor," gerturde said to yelpin. "today i'm going to teach you about forgiveness." "i'm not corndog mayor i'm yelpin" "oh sorry yelpin i thought you were corndog mayor. corndog mayor are you there." "yes i'm here." "no wait that was yelpin again." "no it wasn't i'm yelpin and i didn't say that." "yeah and i'm corndog mayor." gertrude hmmed. "hmm well i guess you're just the same. anyway, forgiveness is about sacrificing your integrity and just letting the other guy get away with his awful actions. so just do that." gertrude punched corndog mayor in the face and he did nothing but pout. "nearly," gertrude said, very impressed at corndog mayor's lack of integrity. "but don't pout next time." gertrude punched corndog
If I get an internet connection, I think I will write No. 4 (and post it on Palladium's account for completionist's sake) because the challenge for that one is super cool. Seriously, Flash-Fic-Month is really good with the community thing. Kudos to them. 

Anyway, I'll be back, hopefully with more writing, ambition and writing ambition in a week! See yaaaa~


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United Kingdom
16. And I write stuff.
DLR Swing Admin; I accept prose and poetry suggestions!


~AyeAye12's pieces are simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I absolutely love the fact that he has taken relatable subjects and created pieces which makes his readers think. I could definitely relate with the piece 'Maths Class', which by the way is a very humorous piece. He is extremely talented, and you will find yourselves pouring through his collection of literature with amazement. They are all wonderful pieces.

- imaginative-lioness

Of intimidating talent.

- v-espertine

He's great at imagery and makes you feel as if you've taken a trip without moving from your seat.

- Aerode

There is something about [his] voice as a poet that I have heard in no-one else. It is wonderfully warm and refreshing. [He has] a way of wording things that grabs the attention and makes me smile and [he is] wonderful. I imagine it takes no small amount of skill, so well done.


The warrior-poet bleeds imagery and moves in free verse.
(I suspect massive quantities of cocaine were involved.)


Aye is just... different, from the usual works I read here on dA. That's pretty much what I can say.


AyeAye12 never fails to make me lol, or at least marvel at his ability to shatter pre-conceptions of what literature is supposed to be.


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Priori Progeny

Read it here:

Priori Progeny is a metaspace-spanning epic that details the last generation of Gods, and the tumultuous domain they inherit (i.e, All; the entirety of existence and the entirety of non-existence too). It mainly follows the character of Veroshima, the very Last God to be created, as he learns the way of his predecessors in how to run reality within three brutal academies, while around him events threaten to tip All into chaos.

For now, it updates every Monday at a respectable GMT time.
I hope you'll enjoy reading this, and please share the news of its existence!


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